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Each thumbnail image is a link to artist's information and more photos.
* Compositions in a variety of styles: Realism, Impressionistic, Non-objectives, Painterly and Abstracts
* Media includes: Watercolour, ink, acrylic; using the surfaces: paper wood and canvas.
link to barbara bering
B. Bering

link to jacob brown
J. Brown

link to suzanne cavers
S. Cavers

link to Rita Cimprich
R. Cimprich

link to Cindy Klotz
C. Klotz

link to audrey ross
A. Ross

* Custom woodworking: storage, gifts, home accessories, games
* Wooden Bird Houses: original, decorative and functional.
link to Chancey Genereaux
C. Genereaux
link to Linda Yorke
L. Yorke
* Porcelain Pottery: Wheel thrown and Hand built; functional and decorative.
link to
	 pam bailey brown
P. Bailey Brown
Textile Arts
* Needlework: Cross-stitch & Hardanger
* Quilting: original designs
* Textile Figurative Art: Olde World Santas, Bears, Textile Ducks
* Textile Collage:needle felting, hand dying * Fashion Accessories
link to jo gatenby
J. Gatenby
link to manon hunt
M. Hunt
link to shirley ivison
S. Ivison
link to Marta Mouka
M. Mouka
link to connie Yrjola
C. Yrjola
* Flame-worked Glass beads, jewellery and paperweights.
* Jewellery of semi-precious stones, antique silver, gold filled & sterling silver wire, fibre & more.
link to robert burton
R. Burton
link to Cindy klotz
C. Klotz
link to lucie kovarova-weir
L. Kovarova-Weir
link to marta mouka
M. Mouka
link to connie yrjola
C. Yrjola
Glass Art
* Stained Glass Panels.
link to lynda pauk
L. Pauk
* Baskets of split ash, both functional & decorative.
link to naneen tyner
N. Tyner
Natural Media
* Natural Bird Seed Wreaths
link to connie yrjola
C. Yrjola
*Nature & Wild Life Photography
link to nicole flynn
N. Flynn

Watch for "North America's Smallest Jailhouse" signs to guide you on our tour.
drawing of Tweed's own smallest jailhouse
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